Pandemic Interview #3

Liz D'Angelo
3 min readMay 21, 2021


Interview: Bartender Stephanie Lauck

Stephanie began working at Reynolds Tavern back in November of 2020. I was actually one of the people who trained her for one of the restaurants services which is Afternoon Tea. Stephanie was one of three people I interviewed who worked as a waitress and bartender before the pandemic started. Interviewing her definitely gave me more insight not only to what it was like to work at a different restaurant prior to the pandemic, but also what it was like transitioning work spaces in the midst of the pandemic.

Liz: Would you consider your job very social? If so, what is one of the biggest aspects of your job that has been affected by the pandemic?

Stephanie: The reason I love my job as a bartender is because of the people I meet. I have met many long term friends that I consider very special to me at work. So yes I would consider my job very social, also very challenging.

Liz: What are some things you can no longer do while doing your job now because of the pandemic?

Stephanie: Before the pandemic, it was nice to be able to reach out to people. Sit down and have a conversation with them. Now I do keep my distance.

Liz: What was one specific concern you had about being a bartender at the beginning of the pandemic?

Stephanie: Mostly for my mother’s sake as she is 91. That is my main concern during this pandemic. Otherwise I love being around people. Believe it or not I have an AA degree in Nursing. I was a practicing nurse up until my father passed. This was when I knew, and I enjoyed it and the people I work with have become very special to me.

Liz: In one word, how would you describe your experience as a bartender both before and during the pandemic?

Stephanie: So as said before we could actually sit down and have a conversation with our guests and connect with them. I had a lot of friends and regulars that would come maybe two to three times a week to see me. During the pandemic I never even saw them but we did keep in touch by phone, but it was just not the same. So I would say it was challenging for me. That would be the word I would use to describe it.

Liz: Alright so my last question is, What are some things, if any, that you find easier about your job because of the pandemic?

Stephanie: The only thing easier is that you don’t have to deal with people that really anoy you. Like the people who have had too much to drink and are very talkative. I would also say the masks and gloves. I will continue to wear a mask though due to my mom. And you don’t really know who has been fully vaccinated as well.